My Curves Special Offer for International Women's Day Panache Masquerade Harem Plunge Bra for Ksh 2,900

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Any woman who has ever worn the wrong size bra, which according to some studies includes up to 80 percent of women, knows that it cannot only cause discomfort, but also ruin an entire outfit.

Even the most beautiful bras are not meant for display underneath clothes. For this reason, lingerie manufacturers have come out with an entire spectrum of different types of bras that are designed to fit smoothly and comfortably underneath the many different fashion styles that are en vogue.

One of these special styles is known as a plunge bra and is specifically designed for those tops and dresses which are very low cut in the front but still require bra support.

Masquerade plunge bra by panache

play Masquerade Plunge Bar By Panache (Courtesy)


Plunge Bra, Masquerade By Panache. This luxurious vintage inspired half padded plunge bra really enhances the shape of the bust for a sexy elegant style. With under wiring for great comfort and a padded plunge design to enhance the cleavage. The bar set is available in both black and nude.

This bra encompasses many different and unique types of bras from low-cuts , push ups etc . However, they all have in common the fact that the front of the bra is lower than on a standard bra.

This makes them appropriate to wear under clothes with a lower cut in the front. Depending on the type of plunge bra, it may work best under deep V-necks, under scoop neck dresses, or even under backless, special occasion fashions.

play A woman wearing a V Neck tee with a plunge bra underneath (Courtesy)


For this bra you can get it by itself or you can get it with a matching panty that you can get for Ksh 1,500. The bra set is available in 2 colors black or nude.

play Masquerade Harem Panty By Panache (Courtesy)

To get your hands on this amazing offer you can visit My Curves  located on the Lower Retail floor of Two Rivers Mall or contact:

Phone: 0722 873 887



Facebook: mycurves

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