Hairstyles 5 hairstyles for women with big foreheads

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Go ahead with style.

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Picking a hairstyle can be pretty confusing especially when you've got a big forehead to put into consideration.

Personally, I lost count of the many times I had to google search hairstyles only to end up looking half bald because of a broad forehead.

Well, the answer is in the styling. A good fringe or lay of hair across your face works but rocking a ponytail has the potential to make you look like a queen too.

Without further a do, below are hairstyles you can successfully rock with a big forehead.

1. Fringe

This lay of hair right about the forehead makes a perfect hide for your glaring problem and makes your head look smaller.

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2. Side Pats

While these gorgeous babies (If your salonist can hack a decent one) don't cover the whol of your forehead, they make it a little less visible and draw attention to your eyes and facial features.

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3.Afro curls

Let your hair loose and wild in a puffed up afro. The heavier the mane the smaller the head looks.

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4. Pinned braids

If you prefer to braid then pin them up in a pony tail and  leave the baby hair to flow freely. These accentuate your forehead and make it look smaller. The idea is to avoid anthing that pulls back your face.

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5. Lob and Bobs

Do it like the beautiful Grace Msalame and go in for a cut. While a bob may be tricky to manage, it's the perfect haircut for a big forehead. Lobs are layered bobs only longer and they work like side pats by covering just a bit of your face.

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