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Previously, the only way to increase storage on Sony's console was to open it up and switch the PS4 HDD . But now, following the recent PS4 firmware update 4.5, gamers are now able to add an external hard drive to their Playstation 4 to increase storage upto 8 TB.

It's really simple.

The first thing to note is that the PS4 will only support USB 3.0 external hard drives, so make sure you buy one that’s compatible.

This is how to add a PS4 external hard drive. Set up is simple:

  • Plug in your new hard drive into one of PS4 USB ports
  • Navigate to Settings> Devices > USB Storage Devices
  • Select your hard drive and choose ‘Format as Extended Storage’
  • Your USB drive is now fully compatible with PS4

How to save data to your PS4 hard drive

If you want to now save all future data on your new storage device, then:

  • Highlight the USB hard drive in the settings (USB Storage Devices)
  • Press ‘Options’ on your DualShock 4 controller, select ‘Confirm’
  • All data will now be saved to your PS4 external hard drive
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