Decor Design ideas for the perfect man cave

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Keep him on lock down with these fantastic decor.

After a long week at work and evenings of changing diapers with the missus, it’s only fair that a guy escapes to his man cave.

If his into sports or maybe just a book in hand, a simple lounge room and a bottle of whiskey should suffice but if you’re living in the 21st Century then you know that it’s going to take a well-furnished boy pad to keep him from shooting his brains out.

Just like an afternoon at the spa or a shopping splurge, a man cave serves as psychological function. While women would enjoy to rant or take out their frustrations on a bowl of dough, a guy would prefer a bit of quiet time to get lost in a movie, video games or a good game of poker with the boys. What’s better than to keep him indoors while he’s at it?

When picking out designs for a man pad, here are ideas you can follow.

play Designs for the perfect man cave. (Photo credits: Courtesy)
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