Celebrity Fashion This is why H_art the Band should start their own fashion house

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You can't put a price to vintage dressing

H_art the Band. play H_art the Band. (Courtesy)

Vintage, colorful with a touch of African- this is the reality that is  H_art The Bands’ sense of fashion and you’ve got to admit, they really look good.

The band of three; Chirah, Kenchez and lead singer Mordecai made their debut in the music industry two years back with their hit song, Uliza Kiatu.

At first, their style left a lot of their fans confused. Really, who wears pink knee high socks with shorts and a blazer?

Well, H_art does and slowly theirs has become fashion acquainted to a lot of people.

It safe to say that they pioneered the vintage look that so many Kenyan’s are now embracing. You haven’t seen a man rock head gear until you’ve seen Chirah’s beaded headbands for his overly blonde dreadlocks. The somewhat hippy has been a part of their branding and even then, it’s a slowly evolving style sense for H_art.

Just last week, they released Rosella feauturing sensational Ugandan singer, Lady Jaydee that is already taking the music industry by storm. We can’t wait for their next performance at the Alchemist this Saturday.


The theme for the event is vintage, and this is how it’s done.

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