Celebrity Fashion How to rock wigs like Wema Sepetu

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No one is calling the fashion police if you look like this

Wema Sepetu play Wema Sepetu (Courtesy)

"Akili ni nywele, ujinga ni weave"

This is one of the many other stigmatising comments out there about wigs and weaves but no one trash talks anything that looks good.

Take Wema Sepetu for instance, Unlike Zari's, we bet you dont even know how her real hair looks like and the thought probably hasn't crossed your mind uptil now. Why you may ask? Becuase it looks really good.

Remember when she went bald?

play Behold, a hairless Wema Sepetu (Courtesy)


She's colour matched her wigs with her clothes, rocked waves, curls and straight hair like a boss. No wonder she is one of the highly sort after actresses in Tanzania. It's safe to say that Wema is one of the most fashionable women when it comes to hair designs.

It's no lie, owning good quality wigs is an expensive forte. However, it's a great investment if you do it right.

Need more proof? Here's five.

play Wema Sepetu (Photo Credits: Instagram)
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